Changing the face of Maple Ridge

Beautiful streetscapes, bustling activity and thriving businesses are part of my vision for Maple Ridge. I want to set policies that broaden our tax base, create local jobs and invigorate our community with expanded services, more shopping, great eateries and lively entertainment.

The soul of any community is in its downtown core. I want to help break the chains that have kept us hobbled to the past as we inspire community pride and participation. I want to be a part of a council that focuses on what has eluded us for so long—progress. Expansion of our commercial and industrial tax base is needed to take the burden off residential taxpayers. I will work to solve our desperate need for more commercial activity in our city, to better balance our municipality‚Äôs fiscal dependence on residential taxes. Creating employment opportunities at home will stop the brain-drain we are experiencing, keep more of our dollars in the community and spare our people the time-stealing commutes to work.¬†This is also the most direct route to holding higher taxes at bay.