Keeping and eye on your pocketbook

Canadians pay more in taxes—federal, provincial, civic and indirect—than they do on food, shelter and clothing combined. Ensuring that residential and business taxpayers get value for money is a key component of my platform. I will have an eye on the bottom line and on your tax bill.

It’s no wonder we’re fuming. Canadians now contribute more than 42 per cent of their incomes to taxes. While the lion’s share of this goes to other levels of governments and hidden indirect taxes on property sales, vehicles, etc., civic taxes also take a big bite. Keeping an eye on the bottom line and city spending is one way to keep tax increases at bay. Isn’t it high time we moved to increase our commercial taxpayers? Right now our tax base is 93 per cent residential. Surely we can do better.

When voters ask: “How are you going to make all this happen?” my answer is: I’m going to tenaciously pursue areas of agreement in order to move things forward.

When important things don’t get done, it’s often because two sides can’t agree. This is why great ideas die on the chambers’ floor. Although I’m no pushover and have the courage of my convictions, my consensus building skills will help find middle ground. I’ll do this with civility and diplomacy and I will ensure that your voices resonate throughout city hall.