Recreation an investment in our future

Our young are our most precious asset. Directing funds toward sports, culture and recreation is an investment in our future. Rather than vanity projects, I’m talking about facilities that provide what we need for our kids and our citizens, without putting massive debt on the books.

Our kids shouldn’t be getting up at 4 am to play hockey in another city. They
shouldn’t be changing in parking lots or walking blocks to fields that lack parking. We need long term facility plans to keep pace with the residential growth in our community and to take advantage of our potential in sports tourism. We must also deliver these in a fiscally responsible manner. I will support city staff in finding ways to engage our youth so they are invested in the community and will direct their time and energy to activities that build character and contribute positively to our city. We have to play a key role in this through the provision of recreation, sports and cultural assets, as well as opportunities that help our youth realize their potential across a broad spectrum. These facilities and programs are important as a means of reaching our “at risk” kids before they fall through the cracks.