Taking back our streets…

Before all else we must take back our streets to make our city safe for seniors and families. Crime must be addressed and laws must be enforced equally and consistently for all. In any solution, impact to citizens and business must be our priority. We can’t solve one problem by creating another. 

Low barrier facilities for drug dependent individuals do not belong in areas with a high concentration of children, seniors, families and businesses. Accountability must be placed upon those we are helping to ensure impact to residents and businesses is minimized. Parents should not be forced to do needle-sweeps before their kids play at the park.

Dialing down the visual presence of addiction, crime, and street life has to be a priority to protect our impressionable young and to allow seniors to feel safe as they walk and shop in our community.

For those struggling with drug addiction we must move beyond warehousing to a full spectrum model where we advance a path to recovery that includes treatment, long-term rehabilitation and finally, a return to drug-free living.  

For those who require mental health support to stabilize their lives, we must facilitate wrap around services that provide medical assessment and follow-up care. 

We must also respect our “working poor” by offering affordable housing and workforce re-entry training programs to those who lack the necessary skills to become gainfully employed.

I am prepared to stand strong for you and to speak on your behalf to all levels of government involved in addressing the distinctly different problems that lead to ‘homelessness’.