Cris Cannell

You have my whole familys support. If you run for mayor, that would be even better but no matter what position (if you declare) you run for, you will have my entire family and friends support. I feel you are the best candidate of all of them, even over Mike Morden as he’s been there and we need younger bodies that may or may not have been tainted with political views from past. And that there is why you will have my entire family’s vote. Well educated, smart man with a ton of common sense.

Laurene Hildebrandt

I really hope that you would run for Mayor or Councilor.

I really think you would be the man for either position and I wish you all the best if you decide to run. I have lived here for 31 1/2 years and I hope it gets back to being a great city again.

George Clarke

We desperately need people like you, who will offer a strong alternative to those who would close their eyes to the situation we now face. You would have a lot of support if you choose to run for office. Whether you run for Mayor or councilor, we’re behind you. You better than most know how much is at stake.

Sacha Clancy Campbell

Ahmed, did an outstanding job with Cops for Cancer this weekend. He attended Countryfest both Sat & Sun to help out Cops for Cancer. Spent the better part of both days sitting in the jail cell getting donations to send kids to Camp Goodtimes right here in Maple Ridge. What community spirit !!!!!!!!!’

Cops for Cancer – Tour de Coast

Thank you Ahmed for joining the fight against childhood cancer with us! Cops for Cancer could not be possible without community supporters like you. You’re a true hero!

Marilyn Nygard

Ahmed A. Yousef you were amazing!! So well-spoken, precise, hand gestures and body language perfect. You were made for a place on our council! You have no idea how much I appreciate all you do and being so respectful. It is an honour to have you and your family as part of this community. Please run for office here.

Chelsa Meadus

Excellent delivery by you and the other representative. I can’t imagine anyone in support of the projects didn’t take a moment and rethink their position, after your examples of the negative effects of such facilities in other communities.

I’m sorry appreciation wasn’t expressed by the chair for all the hard work of the committee. Her main focus of concern seemed to be that those who have put hundreds of hours into the cause expressed a sign of support when their united voice was finally heard- by clapping. Jazz hands next time folks!

Mohamed El Ashmawi

Very well spoken! Reference to a similar project in Coquitlam and its findings is excellent. Hopefully the community comments are heard and taken into account

Shannon Lynne

After finally watching the meeting, I just want to say thank you for being so well spoken and speaking in a professional, respectful and educated way. Please run for mayor! You will have my vote!

Kathy Pring

Thank you for all your hard work in collecting signatures!We will be heard!Health and Safety for all!

Gary Spence

I worked very closely with Yousef and I can vouch for his integrity and work ethic A great choice for Maple Ridge Council.

Bill Dick

I met with a man I believe if he chooses could go far in politics Worldly, intelligent, likeable personality, business background, and a strong social conscience I strongly support Ahmed.