Why I chose Maple Ridge

With the ability to live and raise our children anywhere, my wife and I chose Maple Ridge and have never looked back. Having visited more than 30 counties and lived, for extended periods of time in Canada, the USA, Egypt, United Arab Emirates and Kuwait, when it came time to choose the best place to raise our children, Canada won hands down. Spending most of my life under a dictatorship and majoring in Political Science I came to know Canada as a beacon of freedom and democracy. However, no studies, books, or theories come close to capturing the essence of this great country. During our first visit to Maple Ridge, I fell in love with the natural beauty and spirit of the friendly people we found here. I was smitten by the majesty of the Golden Ears Mountains and the cool dampness of the rain forests. To have rivers, waterfalls, lakes and streams adds to the attraction. I’m fascinated by the First Nations’ history and Billy Miner’s legacy proudly on display in Port Haney. I wrote home about Maple Ridge, sharing the poetic description on the city’s website: “rivers of bounty and peaks of gold.”

Ultimately, it was the people of Maple Ridge that won us over;—they were warm, down to earth and welcoming— attributes that spilled over into the business community. It was here that I found my inspiration to get involved in the community, to be a part of giving back and working alongside others to make things better. My wife and I feel honored to be part of this community and are very proud to call Maple Ridge home.