Vote Ahmed
Energy. Experience. Excellence.

It’s time to change course.

I have the backbone to put Maple Ridge citizens and businesses first.

I realize who pays our wages, who we work for and to whom we must answer. I will be accountable to the people of Maple Ridge.

I want to enact policy that impacts people where they live-everyday things like feeling safe on our streets, shopping at home, more recreational opportunities for our kids…and respecting the taxpayers.

These are the things people tell me they want. They want progress they can see and touch. They want someone who will stand for their right to be heard, for equal and consistent enforcement of laws and for real help, not warehousing, for the homeless.

I am that person.

I am a consensus builder. I have the experience, the energy and the dedication to move Maple Ridge forward with the peoples’ agenda.

Stand strong for public consultation
Reclaim our streets for seniors, citizens and businesses
Deliver more recreation assets for citizens and kids.
Prioritize what has eluded us: progress
Diversify tax base through commercial, industrial, and retail growth