If we’re going to raise your taxes, shouldn’t you get something in return?

Three out of the four years during my first term, I voted against raising taxes. For me, it was simple. Times were tough and we had the money, I believe if we’re going to raise your taxes, we’d better be delivering amenities, facilities, local jobs, safer streets, and shopping opportunities

Shouldn’t developers be paying their fair share?

We’ve missed out on approximately $100 million in revenues by failing to raise Development Cost Charges. How are we expected to pay for all the things our people want and deserve? I’ve pushed to raise our development fees. Nothing exorbitant. Nothing unfair. Just in line with what developers in other cities pay.  If we really want to help our developers lets start by cutting red tape.

Why are we stuck in traffic and still stuck without a plan?

Time’s running out. With Mission’s plan to build 40,000 new residential housing units and our own expected growth, we’re staring down the barrel of an overwhelming traffic and services nightmare. We need to move now on the Abernathy expansion and the 240th bridge.

Why are Maple Ridge homeowners on the hook for paying more than 90 per cent of city costs?

Maple Ridge is more than 90 per cent dependent on residential taxes. Pitt Meadows tax base is 50 per cent residential and 50 per cent commercial / industrial. Residents wonder why Maple Ridge continues to fall further behind when economic revitalization is so critical to our success.

About Yousef

During the past four years I believe I have consistently shown up for our community.

I’ve worked to advance the people’s agenda and I’m ready to keep fighting.

I pledge to continue to vote with my conscience every time, always in the best interests of the people of Maple Ridge.

Maple Ridge is at a crossroad.

We need to focus on many key issues at the Municipal level and focus our council business on the tasks that will actually help move Maple Ridge forward:

Leisure and Park Facilities

More funding and support is needed for our local recreation facilities, parks, and programs.

Local Job Creation

Creating a vibrant, healthy down town core to bring back business and create wider employment opportunities

Shifting the Tax Base

Resurrection of our commercial and industrial sectors are critical for reducing the residential tax burden.

Public Safety

Public safety needs more than just removing truckloads of confiscated junk.  Enhancing our CSO program and better supporting organisations working to alleviate homelessness and addiction.

Environmental Impact

Smarter development, better protection of our rivers and parks, and focusing on what kind of world we want to leave for our future generations.

Infrastructure & Sustainable Development

Improve infrastructure with increased developer fees – reinvest those funds back into the community and focus on removing red-tape for developers who will build sustainably.

Key Issues

Creating the future we want

Out council needs to be united and focused on the best outcomes for Maple Ridge.  Too much time and energy has been wasted on areas that are outside the control of Council, and not enough progress has been made for its residents.

Smarter Investment

Leverage and increase developer fees to make better investments for the city and reduce reliance on residential taxes

Safer Streets

Public safety in the downtown core is critical for residents and businesses alike – more needs to be done 

Better Facilities

Our community should be leading, not lagging, in the provision and maintenance of recreational space for residents

Sustainable Development

Protection of the Alouette River and preventing development on the floodplane; smarter, greener buildings

I stand for Maple Ridge

Energy. Experience. Excellence

Yousef is a true community volunteer and advocate, promoting a message of inclusivity and accountability. He is one councillor that has worked tirelessly to secure a beneficial future for all the residents of Maple Ridge, proposing programmes including rent-to-own housing, bans on single use plastics and a TransLink sea bus service on the Fraser River

A councillor that is involved in all levels of city initiatives, charities, projects and organizations, Yousef is a voice for the community, a voice for sustainable growth, a voice for taxpayers and a voice for inclusive civil debate.

  • Phone: +1 (236) 880-6623
  • E-mail: voteyousef@gmail.com
  • Campaign Manager: Gina Wideen
  • Financial Agent: Kim Beckett
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